Comprehensive Therapy Services

Psychotherapy is a highly interpersonal process with the overarching goal of moving an individual away from faulty or dysfunctional patterns of behavior and toward patterns of behavior which move the individual closer to his or her full potential. There are many different forms of psychotherapy. A good resource for understanding the different types of psychotherapy is, the website for the American Psychological Association.

Psychotherapy, therapy, and counseling are often terms which are used interchangeably. Therapy and psychotherapy typically mean the same thing and describe a process of improving an individuals insight into faulty behavior patterns and guides the individual toward identifying and practicing more adaptive behaviors, thoughts, or feelings. Counseling is often more advice-driven than psychotherapy and typically does not assist in the alleviation of suffering brought on by severe psychological problems such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, psychosis, or personality disorders.

The psychologists at The Family Psychology Clinic of Kingwood are trained and experienced in a number of evidence-based therapeutic interventions for children, adolescents, and adults. We provide psychotherapy in group and/or individual sessions.

Our services include interventions for the following:


  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Adjustment Issues including divorce, bereavement, and transition
  • Behavior problems
  • ADHD
  • Learning or Educational Difficulties
  • Eating Disorders
  • Relationship or Marital Distress
  • Parenting difficulties or parent-child relationship problems
  • Developmental Delay in children and adolescents
  • Social Skill Difficulties in children and adolescents
  • Recovery from Trauma and Abuse
  • Women’s Issues (including difficulties with fertility, post-partum depression, and adjustment to breast cancer diagnosis and treatment)

Comprehensive Testing Services

Psychological evaluations are used to determine the presence or absence of underlying non-medical causes which are interfering significantly in an individuals mood, behavior, way of thinking, reasoning, or problem-solving. At The Family Psychology Clinic of Kingwood, we utilize intellectual, neuropsychological, academic, and personality tests in order to identify and diagnose psychologically-based impairments. The types of evaluations we conduct are listed below.

Testing for Children

Children often participate in testing to diagnose Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, learning disability or disorder, academic ability, developmental delay, or intellectual functioning. Often, parents or teachers suspect that a child is not performing up to his or her potential in school or at home. The child may have difficulty learning to read, may have trouble focusing for more than a few minutes, may struggle with organizational skills, may earn failing grades in school, or may struggle with behaviors which prevent them from being successful at school, at home, or with peers. Testing of children combines a thorough history of the child, observation of the child, reports from teachers and parents, and a child’s performance on standard, norm-referenced tests to determine the presence of psychological, developmental, or behavioral disorders.

After testing is completed, parents meet with the psychologist to review the findings and recommendations based on the diagnosis and the children’s needs. Recommendations may address the child’s educational needs by offering suggestions to teachers for classroom management of behaviors or curriculum modifications or accommodations. Recommendations may also offer specific strategies to improve the child’s functioning at home in order to improve mood, compliance, or motivation. We also advocate for children in schools by attending ARD meetings and other conferences with teachers and school staff. Recommendations also include whether medications are beneficial in treating the diagnosis. Often, the psychologist meets with the child to help them understand the meaning of the diagnosis in terms they can understand.

Testing for Adults

Psychological testing for adults can be requested by the client him or herself, by an employer, or can be ordered by a court of law. Our Clinical Psychologists are experienced in conducting evaluations used by law enforcement agencies to determine fitness for duty. We conduct evaluations ordered by courts in cases of child custody. We conduct neuropsychological testing to clarify the presence of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease in elders. We also conduct intellectual and personality testing and assist in pre-surgical evaluations. Recommendations can be used to assist the individual in work readiness, treatment planning, custody arrangements, or the presence of mood or intellectual impairments which qualify the individual for special services through local or governmental agencies. Testing services we offer include the assessment of:

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Adult ADHD
  • Learning Disabilities and Giftedness
  • Dyslexia
  • Kindergarten/School Readiness
  • Developmental Disorders (Autism/PDD)
  • Personality and Emotional Functioning

The psychological and neuropsychological tests that comprise our batteries are carefully selected and have demonstrated through research the ability to accurately and consistently predict particular skills or neurocognitive functions. The results of these tests are integrated with data gathered from the patient and other important sources of information into a comprehensive psychological report.

While psychological tests are often used to arrive at a diagnosis, all testing conducted at The Family Psychology Clinic of Kingwood is also interpreted with the goal of generating practical recommendations. Recommendations are designed to help patients remediate the effects of the psychiatric, neurocognitive, and/or emotional conditions identified and are given only within the context of having demonstrated effectiveness through clinical research. Most importantly, the doctors of The Family Psychology Clinic of Kingwood are available to consult with other professionals, such as pediatricians, psychiatrists, other physicians, and teachers, to ensure continuity of care for our patients and a smooth transition between testing services and the successful implementation of our recommendations.

When needed, the doctors of The Family Psychology Clinic of Kingwood are also available to provide treatment to address particular diagnoses identified through the evaluation process. Specifically, we offer individual, parenting, and family psychotherapy to encourage our patients most optimal functioning. Our interventions are also tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients and may include a combination of psychoeducational, interpersonal, and cognitive-behavioral strategies. Logo_icon

Advocacy and Consultation Services

In addition to therapy and testing services, the doctors of The Family Psychology Clinic of Kingwood offer professional consultation and advocacy services. These services consist of:

Review and analysis of past testing to confirm previous diagnosis
Classroom observation and teacher interview to assist with diagnosis, behavioral management, and academic planning
Attendance at special education meetings to advocate for appropriate labeling and service provision on the basis of test
Consultation with attorneys, legal advocates, and guardians regarding custody arrangements and disputes Logo_icon

It is important to know that psychological care is accessed under Mental Health rather than traditional Medical benefits and, that for many policies, mental health benefits are treated independently of medical benefits. This means that mental health benefits may have a separate deductible, differing levels of coverage, or even be managed by a different insurance provider than are the same policy holder’s medical benefits. Dr. Julie Mosier is not an in-network provider with any insurance company. Her fee for each one-hour office visit is $185.00, after the initial visit. Testing rates depend of the type of testing that will occur. When appropriate,  an estimate will be given detailing the length, and cost of testing. If you have any questions feel free to contact the office at 281-361-0777.

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